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Couture Designer, The tailor of your dreams come true with upscale experience.
I will create your highest vision for your special occasion because I believe in you.
Your bridal alteration specialist, Samira.

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Wedding Dress
Photographed by Valerie Elash

Wedding Dress Tailor


It is important for ShuShu Couture to provide good service to all her customer, including potential, new and existing customers.  Being creative means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears.  Specializing in custom wedding gowns, occasion and formal dresses, prom dresses, and alterations.  

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Shushu couture

Samira is a couture designer specializing in evening dresses, Formal Prom Gowns & Bridal Dresses.
She was the designer for several fashion shows since 1989. Graduated from John Casablanca modeling school and make up artist.

Her first Fashion show was in Toledo Ohio through John Casablanca modeling school after the graduation, it was in Radisson hotel, Michigan, and Phoenix, AZ.   She recognizes quality, detail, and well-made-things.  Her alteration shop is located in Scottsdale.

Photograph Luo Ping